Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Glorify God

Glorify God with everything you have because he deserves your glory. He created you

Look at your hand right now. Look closely at your fingerprints. Each and everyone. They're all different, are they not? Isn't that amazing?

Now, go to Facebook, to your friend's list to be exact.

                        How many friends do you have?                                                                    
Some have maybe 500 or more. Right?

Each of those friends has 10 different fingerprints on their fingers. So multiply that number by 10.

For me that's 4,510. That 4,510 DIFFERENT fingerprints. That's insane! 

God did that. He made each of us so unique. So special. And we take that for granted everyday. We should be glorifying him with all our heart. Thank God for your uniqueness. Glorify him.

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