Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hope, Light, Love

This is something I wrote a while ago, expressing my feelings of going through the struggles and hatred of loneliness and regret, but breaking free to find God waiting for me to return to him.

I wander through darkness, looking for a smidgen of light, a slimmer of hope. Anything that will spark my memory, snap me back to reality, give me feeling and emotion again. I squint my eyes and search endlessly, groping and feeling around; grasping at sill more darkness. I have yet to find light. I have yet to find hope. I have yet to find love. With every second I feel more and more hopeless, yearning more and more for a taste of hope, a touch of love, a flicker of light. I scream once more, but no one hears. I cry again, but no one sees. I'm reaching out, to no avail. I need you now, above all else. I need your light, nothing else. I need your love to fill my heart. You and I will never part. Oh God, my God, give me hope. Give me peace and give me love. Give me everlasting light. Light I'll see throughout the night. Thank you God for all you've done, for my journey with you has just begun. 

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